"During the last ten years or so, we've had various designers trying to create a website. Most times we launched just to finish the project and then hope for the best. Fast forward to hiring Highlight Creative. The major difference from the get-go was Mrs. Adler's attention to the smallest details. For us, this was a breath of fresh air. She gently kept our feet to the fire and pulled us across the finish line. She has a clear understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of a site, both in server and network speed. Never before did we have anyone who audited every plugin to make sure that what was not working for us should be removed or rewritten in a simplified manner. For any item that was unclear to us, she created small tutorials so that we can train our staff. I am thankful that we chose her for our development and will be keeping her on retainer for all our future changes and enhancements."
Mendy Zeiger, VP Marketing